Gearing up for a new year

It’s been a while and I have been very remiss on updating folks on my whereabouts and new things from Adobe and the rest of the creative world. Rest assured, I am fine and things are moving along to set me up for a very productive 2016.

The first step was settling into the groove with my new job (finally). It does take a lot more of my time than my previous job did, and adjusting has taken some time. I do love the environment and my coworkers are tops.

The next step was to build a better Batcave, or my home office. Temporarily I was working out of my rec room/bar, with a dedicated area for my business and storage of my related items. Since this summer, I have been working on building out my new space. It is mostly completed and useable, but I am adding some soundproofing for recording new and podcasting with the Pixel Pundits.

Here’s a sneak peek of the current iteration of the office:

Dedicated reading/lounge area.
Dedicated reading/lounge area.
Some of my books and collectibles.
Some of my books and collectibles.
My desk, complete with recording equipment.
My desk, complete with recording equipment.

In the meantime, I do have some news of upcoming travels for 2016 already. I will be attending (not speaking) at Adobe Summit. It is the first time in a very long time and it is exciting to be on the other side of the fence attending an event. Also, I am confirmed for ADIM 16 – 20,000 Layers Under the Sea with the incomparable Russell Brown at Adobe HQ.

Now that I’m back in the swing I hope to catch you on our next podcast or here with my musings.

Gearing Up for Photoshop World Las Vegas and Insiders Guide

Hi All!

Vegas Before

It’s hard to believe that Photoshop World 2015 Las Vegas is only a few days away. So before you head out, I thought I would share some helpful tips and reminders.

ALUMNI Take note!

This year is slightly different than past, with the Guru awards held at the END of the show instead of the keynote, the After Hours is now upstairs in a ballroom instead of HOB or GameWorks, etc. A LOT has been improved this year, so even if you have been a long-time alumni, this is a whole new experience.


Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

Seriously. Don’t underestimate the amount of walking you will do at Photoshop World. Comfortable walking shoes can make or break your PSW experience. Take it from me, getting blisters on the first day can really put a damper on your schedule. Also with the conference being held in August, take care and hydrate. Heat indexes can be well above 110° F which can be dangerous for some attendees. Take any precautions you may need, otherwise enjoy the cool conference hall rooms (if you tend to be chilly, bring a sweater).


Checking In

When you arrive at Photoshop World, please note that there are TWO registration desks. One is for people who do not have their credentials that were mailed to you and need badges printed out. The second is for those that have their letters and preprinted badges that were sent in the mail. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT LINE. I have heard more stories than I can count of people who waited in the “long line” only to find out they didn’t need to because they had their badge.

Sidenote – Do not forget your badge and lanyard once you receive it. They do check people going into sessions and if you forget it in your hotel room, you will have to go back and get it. Remember the mantra – “phone, wallet/purse, lanyard” before you leave your room.


Need Help? 

If you have a question or need assistance, find a person wearing a black shirt with “STAFF” on the back. They are there just for you and to insure that you have the best PSW experience possible. These unsung heroes of PSW are all staff from KelbyOne so they know what they are talking about. : ) If you want to connect with someone helpful on Twitter – be sure to follow @KelbyOne @PhotoshopWorld_ or @ajnaadams – she is the Social Media Director for KelbyOne.


Make Friends

There are a lot of people at PSW and many of them have similar interests as you. Don’t be shy. Say hello to your neighbor in a session or at an event. Start a conversation while waiting in line. Grow your circle of friends. You’d be surprised at the relationships you can make here. I have many long time friends whom I have met at previous Photoshop World conferences. (I’m looking at you Mr. Toney.)



Have Fun

This is YOUR conference. Make the most of it. Go to the sessions you want. Dance your aspect ratios off at the After Hours Party. Hug Pete Collins. Try to find RC on the expo floor. Get up early for Midnight Madness tickets. Enjoy the expo theaters and buy some fun equipment from the vendors. But pace yourself, remember this is three days long!


My New Insider’s Guide for PSW 2015 has all this information and more packed into a helpful mobile viewing experience. This year I have gone even further offering an .ePub interactive option, with sound, video and more. If you cannot view the ePub on your device I also still have a PDF version which is viewable on many mobile formats.



So enjoy Las Vegas and all it has to offer and I hope to see you all there!

– Kevin

Sadness and Excitement

Hi all,

Again, sorry for the radio silence as of late but there have been big changes happening in my professional life that took center stage and the blog had to take a backseat until things shook out.

So here is the news..

I am sad to say that today is my last day teaching at C2. It was a very difficult and labored decision, but I had to do what I felt was right for myself and my family and I had decided to move forward as a contract instructor for the summer, leaving me open to pursue other opportunities while still teaching at C2.

However, soon after this decision I was approached by two amazing companies – one being Adobe, which I interviewed with but ultimately declined. The position that I did accept will be starting Monday at a local company (to be announced later). It’s a huge step forward in my career and will still give me the flexibility to stay connected with Adobe and attend conferences like Photoshop World, MAX and others.

I am eternally grateful for the lasting friendships and relationships I have made in the past 9 years with the company. I rest easy knowing C2 will endure without me and life will move on. I will still be involved in the greater Milwaukee creative community – Adobe and InDesign User Groups, AIGA, MATC, WCTC, MIAD, Adworkers, Ad2 and also working with Adobe in various capacities.

I am looking forward and excited to see what challenges await me in my new position and the opportunity to bring my Adobe connections, knowledge and personality to a new group of creatives and build new lasting relationships.

To my C2 family – Shelley, Stan, Jim, Lisa, Meri, JC and Erica, you mean the world to me and look forward to hanging out for Jell-O shots and shenanigans soon.

Cue “Theme from The Incredible Hulk”.



Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of post for the past month and I promise to bring you all up to speed with new content soon, and a big announcement coming later this week. I will also be posting a recap of the ADIM Conference with Russell Brown this week as well with lots of photos and links to enjoy.

In the meantime, there are two bigger things coming up for me and a chance for you to see me live in person. The first is presenting for Adobe at the upcoming HOW Conference in Chicago on May 4 – 8. You can find out more here:

HOW Design Live Conference

The second is I am again confirmed for Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Normally PSW is held twice a year with the West Coast (Las Vegas) held in the fall. However, there will be only ONE Photoshop World this year in August. This is going to be the BIGGEST Photoshop World ever held and should not be missed. I will have a discount code for all of you coming soon, so stay tuned. Until then you can find out more here:

Photoshop World Conference

I’m also proud to be a part of a weekly podcast hosted by Justin Seeley – Pixel Pundits. You can hear us each week here:

Pixel Pundits


(Guess which one I am – ha!)

Thanks for your patience and hope to give you lots of entertaining and educational content soon!

Greetings from Adobe Summit 2015

Greetings all from a little different place in the realm of Adobe. I’m out presenting and photographing in Salt Lake City as part of the Adobe Marketing Summit 2015. I plan to give a more detailed post about the goings on during the week, but for now here are some great shots I took from the Day 1 and 2 keynotes including Steve Young, NFL MVP and actor Michael Keaton.

Happy 25th Anniversary Adobe Photoshop!

On February 19, 1990 our lives changed forever. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for being introduced to this software back in the Tech Ed room at Lancaster High School. Photoshop has been a part of my life since version 1.0 and my excitement for the software has (I hope) made me a better instructor for it.

My love of PS has led my life in interesting ways, including meeting a lot of great people through events, conferences, teaching, public speaking and I’ve even become friends with some of the original creators of the software.

To Russell, John, Steve and Thomas – thank you for enabling us to be more creative. For those that work every day to improve this program year after year, keep up the good work!

To help celebrate this milestone anniversary, here is an awesome video released by Adobe today.

“When It Rains…” Upcoming Dates and Big Announcement

Hi All!

Just when I thought this spring would be a slower travel period for me, the floodgates have opened (in a good way). I have been asked to be a part of a couple of bigger events for Adobe and have some upcoming speaking engagements as well.


First up is the Adobe Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, UT. Think Adobe MAX meets analytics. I will be there along with Adobe’s Kevin Schmidt throughout the week.

Next up is the big announcement –

I have just confirmed plans to be a part of the team at ADIM15 with Russell Brown!


The Adobe Inspirational Master Class (ADIM) is an incredible opportunity for creatives to learn from the best in the field of photography, typography, design and more! The event runs April 12-15 and registration is very limited and this event does sell out, so if you are interested please be sure to click the link above.

PS for Designers

The last event is my second tour stop this year on the Adobe Photoshop for Designers Tour – Blue Ridge AIGA in West Virginia on Saturday, April 18 (event details coming soon).  If you are in the region, be sure to stop in and say hi.

So while I may be on the road a bit this spring, you can always catch me live here at C2. We do have some great upcoming events that you can attend in person.


First up, I am presenting at our next $5 Friday event on February 20. I will be covering whats next with the end of DPS SE and transitioning your projects to Fixed Layout ePub. I will also be discussing other alternatives for DPS. Registration is only $5 (hence the name) click this link to find out more or to register!

Creative Compositing

Also, coming in April is my next C2 event “Creative Compositing in Photoshop”. This seminar-style presentation will give you insight and inspiration on how to create your own artistic composite in Adobe Photoshop. This also ties in with my new two-part Creative Compositing class at C2.

This is a new approach to my classes, the first is a hands-on training session covering techniques and tricks to creating a composite in Photoshop. The second class is an instructor-led workshop where you bring in your own resource files and create your own image to keep.