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The New Creatives


Well 2014 is off to a good start. The lovely folks at Adobe have asked me to participate in their campaign called “The New Creatives”. Humbling indeed but even cooler was to see my good friend (and Photoshop World Guru) Theresa Jackson positioned right next to me.

Below are some work in progress til the complete version. Truth be told, I actually like the second version without detail and have chosen to use that as my new identity piece for 2014.

WoodWIP1WoodWIP2WoodWIP3Wooden Me

This has also led to Russell Brown suggesting we use this as the idea for his MAX 2014 Master Class – RB@MAX2014. More on that later…

If you would like to know more about this campaign, check out  

A Tour of My Creative Space Pt. 3

So after you have seen what gives me creative inspiration and resources for knowledge (besides the internets) here is a look around at other areas and my desk setup.


So this is the view of my office looking out from my desk.

1. Various published articles including Photoshop User Magazine
2. Photo of my wife and I
3. Photoshop print entitled “Frank N’ Bride” from Photoshop World Vegas 2012 (complete with steampunk goggles)
4. Frank and Dean

5. “Creativity is a Blood Sport” and don’t you forget it.
6. Epson scanner
7. File cabinet with who knows what inside
8. My original Macbook Pro
9. External  hard drive #1 – the backup drive

10. External hard drive #2 – the beta test drive
11. External hard drive #3 – the storage drive
12. My current MacBook Pro – Mid 2011 edition with SSD drive
13. Wacom Inkling (under the monitor)
14. Wacom Intuous 4 with Mouse and Stylus

15. Green Army Men coffee mug from Christmas 2013.

The view from the back is just as fun…


1. Star Trek door communicator – it makes the swooshing door sound when people walk into my office. It also has a Red Alert alarm if needed.
2. Creative Suite and Creative Cloud posters from past product launches.
3. Photoshop World Wisconsin delegation promo from Photoshop World DC 2012
4. Mask of former Adobe Sr. VP John Loiacono

5. French Paper Co. collectible cards – uncut
6. Various lanyards from over three years of conferences and events including an Adobe ID badge somewhere in there…
7. Published articles from Adobe (more in the hallway but these were my first two)

So that ends my brief but fun tour of my creative space. Keep watching my blog for posts as the tour and travel season is starting up for Adobe and C2. I will be posting from the road and also musings both creative and tutorial inspired from my office when I’m home.

A Tour of My Creative Space Pt. 2

So after the shock and awe of most of my toys from yesterday, here is a look at my actual bookshelf and the books/periodicals that I currently have. These are a collection of either books I use for my classes or that I have reviewed. Note: I only keep the books I gave positive reviews for, the other ones were kindly donated. 


1. Various Adobe stickers
2. Current Adobe Classroom in a Book and Visual Quickstart Guides
3. CS6/5 Classroom in a Book and other reference books/
4. CS4 CIB and Focal Press books

5. Years and years of Photoshop User and Layers Magazines along with misc. camera gear
6. Followed up by Kelby Training books and Slideology in front is an awesome gift from my friend Kendall – a wooden basket. 
7. Old CS3 versions of books in front is an iPhone holder that looks like an old tv
8. Odds and ends books and various t-shirts from events
9. 6 of my 8 Photoshop World Conference workbooks

10. Misc magazines, a copy of Watchmen and emergency rations
11. Communication Arts magazines and some Chunky Soup (Baked Potato and Cheese)
12. Various class and meeting notes. 


A Tour of My Creative Space Pt. 1

So I’ve always found it interesting when I see other people’s creative spaces – be it a photo studio, drawing room or other incubation chamber. So I thought I would start this year off with sharing my creative space here at C2.

This is my office looking out from the desk.


So lets look at some details about what makes this MY space.

My inspiration (and toys) on my bookshelf.
My inspiration (and toys) on my bookshelf.

This is the top of my bookshelf. On it you will find:

1.  Adobe Lunchbox (from an Adobe Community Retreat)
2.  Print of a project called “Vanelli’s Dream” from Photoshop Orlando 2010
3. Collectible DC Action Figures including Morphed Batman/Superman and Blackest Night
4. “Vintage” iSight Camera (still works)

5. My Tardis and
6. My DeLorean Time Machine (How did you think I get so much done?)
7.  Vintage Army Men and Cowboys and Indian figures
8. A Dalek (Exterminate!)
9. Remote-controlled R2-D2 (collectible clear Japanese version)

10. Indiana Jones
11. My own bobble head (who doesn’t want one of these?)
12. A Muni figure painted to look like KISS Scott Kelby from Photoshop World Vegas 2010
13. Lego business card holder
14. Tron Disc

15. Rancor birthday card from my friend Luci
16. Alex Ross oversized print books (signed to me by the artist)
17. Various Star Wars bobbles
18. Transformers Ravage Figure USB Drive

Next up I will show you what is actually IN my bookcase. 🙂