A Tour of My Creative Space Pt. 2

So after the shock and awe of most of my toys from yesterday, here is a look at my actual bookshelf and the books/periodicals that I currently have. These are a collection of either books I use for my classes or that I have reviewed. Note: I only keep the books I gave positive reviews for, the other ones were kindly donated. 


1. Various Adobe stickers
2. Current Adobe Classroom in a Book and Visual Quickstart Guides
3. CS6/5 Classroom in a Book and other reference books/
4. CS4 CIB and Focal Press books

5. Years and years of Photoshop User and Layers Magazines along with misc. camera gear
6. Followed up by Kelby Training books and Slideology in front is an awesome gift from my friend Kendall – a wooden basket. 
7. Old CS3 versions of books in front is an iPhone holder that looks like an old tv
8. Odds and ends books and various t-shirts from events
9. 6 of my 8 Photoshop World Conference workbooks

10. Misc magazines, a copy of Watchmen and emergency rations
11. Communication Arts magazines and some Chunky Soup (Baked Potato and Cheese)
12. Various class and meeting notes. 


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