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Adobe Lights – Adobe Logo Remix Project


As part of an ongoing art installation, I have been asked to be one of 100 artist participating in the New Creatives project, “Adobe Lights”. This first phase will showcase the colors from the 100 artists one pixel at a time, showing in real-time the color directly underneath their cursor. Check out the link below to read more about it and watch the video from the project.

More to come on this as the project continues. : )

Adobe Lights on Behance


“Gear”ing Up for Photoshop World


It’s hard to believe that Photoshop World East is only three weeks away. I thought I would share some helpful tips and hints for first-timers or anyone needing a refresher to make this a better PSW experience for each of you.

Tip #1: Wear Comfortable Shoes

Don’t believe me? Ask any PSW Alumni and see how their dogs felt after Day 1 wearing cute shoes. There is a LOT of walking at Photoshop World. You walk from the hotel to the conference center, you walk between sessions and don’t get me started if you are on one of Moose Peterson’s Photo Safaris. Comfortable shoes can make the difference between having a great day or ending up with blisters and band-aids the rest of your conference. Trust me I’ve been there – not fun. 

Tip #2: Check the Big Board


The one great thing at Photoshop World is anything can happen. But that also means that schedules and rooms can change on short notice. The best resource to find out what is going on and having the most up-to-date information is by looking at the “Big Board” – the large schedule positioned outside the session rooms by registration. The other way to keep up is…

Tip #3:  App it Up

Another great resource for PSW attendees is the FREE Photoshop World App on Google Play and iTunes. A couple of things to note: be sure to UPDATE your app sometime the week before you arrive at Photoshop World. As stated before, schedules can change and while the app team is on top of it, it can take a while to update the app via the respective devices. Be patient and check for updates.

Tip #4: Listen to Larry

Larry Becker, Director of NAPP, will be hosting two First Time Attendee Orientation seminars during Monday’s Pre-Con sessions at 3:15 and 5:15 pm. This is FREE and is always  a great way to start your PSW experience if you are a first-time attendee.

Tip #5: Dine with Strangers

This is not a creepy suggestion. It is a great event for networking and socializing with other PSW attendees. This is the Dinner With A Stranger event. Stop by the registration desk on Tuesday and sign up to have dinner at one of the nearby preselected restaurants. Then grab an “I’m A Stranger” pin. Then show up at the restaurant at 7:30 pm and join your fellow “Strangers” for a great meal and conversations. This is definitely a fun event for those attending PSW alone.

Tip #6: Travel Light?

This is the one question I get asked every Photoshop World – “How much gear should I bring?”. There is no simple answer. It really depends on what you plan to do/shoot at the event.  If you plan to participate in one of the Pre-Conference Workshops or go shooting around Atlanta before/after the conference, then you might need to bring more lenses, etc. If you are not, then you might want to pack less. Use your best judgement and plan accordingly.  You might regret lugging around a lot of equipment from room to room when you can get away with one lens and housing.

Another thing to keep in mind is the Photoshop World Workbook is HEAVY. Even though you get a handy bag to carry it around in, you might want to consider returning the book to your hotel room at your earliest convenience and just bring an notebook and tear out some evaluation forms to bring with you. Don’t forget the eval forms, especially the last one of the last day. That is your entry in the big prize drawings at the Wrap Up (must be present to win).

Tip #7: Expo-se Yourself

The Expo Hall is a great addition to the conference itself. Here you will not only find vendors presenting (and selling) their wares, but also Bonus Expo Classes held on each day featuring talented PSW Instructors. Do not miss out! Check the Expo theater schedules and plan accordingly. You can also bring a friend using the FREE Expo Hall Passes courtesy of B&H Photo here.

Tip #8: Don’t Be A Wallflower

Networking and meeting new people is one of the great synergistic (word of the day) ways Photoshop World adds value for you. But it is something that you have to make an effort to do. Say hi to someone sitting next to you in a session. Attend the After Hours Party and socialize. Step out of your comfort zone and talk to other attendees. Friends found at Photoshop World can make for lasting relationships. Also remember the instructors are not carrying any contagious viral infections (ha). They welcome meeting and talking with attendees during the event and at the After Hours Party. There is only one rule – be polite. : )


Tip #9: Behold The STAFF of Knowledge

If you have any questions while at Photoshop World, just look for someone wearing the black STAFF shirts. They are there to assist you. The coolest fact about them is they are ALL KelbyOne employees. They are not hired staff that are brought in just for this event. Each person is here to help you make the best of your PSW.

Tip #10: HAVE FUN

Everyone from instructors, to staff , to each attendee is here for one reason. To learn more about their trade craft and have a good time. Be polite to each other, help those who need it and don’t be afraid to laugh at the instructor’s jokes (even if they are not that funny). This is a unique experience even in the conference world. You can see the passion and caring nature from each person involved in this event and their main goal is to make your experience at PSW a great one.

Expanding My Horizons


So part of the whirlwind travels from this spring was my first trip to to record my first  video title. It was a great experience and I thought I would share some of it with you.

I flew into LAX on a Sunday and drove up the 101 to Carpinteria (cue the Californians SNL references). Carpinteria is a nice sleepy beachside town with a friendly atmosphere and quaint downtown with lots of restaurants.

IMG_2436 IMG_2439

Monday was the start of my recording. I was scheduled to do one title for the week, but that changed (more on that later). I was greeted by my producer Susan and lead to the recording booth where we set up shop for the week. I would sit in a soundproof booth with Susan on the other side at her station. Once set up she gave me a tour of the facilities.


lynda (with a lower case “L”) is located on a sprawling campus across the highway from the ocean. Behind it you could see the mountains rising up with the sun. Beautiful and a great way to decompress from being in a recording booth.

IMG_2460 IMG_2459

I had a couple of friends also recording that week so I made it a point to “pop in” and see them. I don’t think they cared…ha!  This also made for a more relaxing atmosphere.


So, back to recording. I was asked to record one title for the week. Normal recordings from a new author would take about that time, with an average of 10 videos a day with cleanup on Friday. Monday morning alone I ended up busting out 16 videos. Not only was Susan impressed, but others took note too. (Thanks Bob and Jim for the ribbing.) That afternoon, I had over 30 videos “in the can” and was asked if I could write up another video course to record while I was visiting.

That night, I had the pleasure of having dinner with two friends that I don’t get to see enough – Mordy and Doug. I found out that Mondays are “Sushi Night” so we enjoyed a local establishment.

Tuesday afternoon I wrapped up recording the last of my 57 videos of the first series (only Julieanne Kost was faster) and got to work scripting my second series.

IMG_2431 copy

Wednesday was a blur. I ended up recording all 32 videos of my second series and had my promo shots taken. All in all, it was a fun time but a lot of work and Susan, to her credit, stuck with me the whole way. She coached me through each edit and reworked elements with me. She made me sound smarter than I give myself credit for. Note to self – speak slooower…

Susan and Kristin from

Thursday was a slow day, let’s face it how could it get any faster? I met with some folks at lynda about ideas on upcoming titles and left excited to come back and do this all again. Next time I will come with three titles ready to go – just in case.

In conclusion, while it was a lot of work and my brain was fried by day 4, I learned a lot about how this all works, how to prepare in a short period of time, and also I learned more about myself and how I can be a better presenter in person (slooow down). Everyone at lynda was awesome but especially my producer Susan. She stuck with me and was very comfortable working and talking with. She made the experience very enjoyable and I look forward to working with her again.

So now my titles are in the cue and should be coming out soon. I will let you all know when they are released. I was nervous when I started this, but now I’m nervous waiting for the release dates like an expectant parent.

I also came back with a gift for you – A FREE 7 day trial of Just click the link below to sign up for your trial.