Obligatory Update

Now that Photoshop World is in the rear view mirror (for a couple of months at least), it’s time to focus on upcoming and new adventures. A lot is going on and in fact a lot of things came around while I was in Atlanta.

First off, I am working on a new workshop class for C2 that we will be announcing soon – Creating Composites in Adobe Photoshop. It will be a 4-hour hands on lab using images to create three composite scenes (shown below). You will learn about sourcing stock images for cheap or free, how to combine your image with different backgrounds and lighting, blending the subject using layers and blend modes and how to bring it all together using filters and extensions in Photoshop.

Amelia Composite Wedding Composite


An interesting add-on for this class is people who take this course are also eligible to take an additional 4-hour lab hosted by yours truly and bring their own images to create composites to take with them.

Working with Perspective in Adobe Photoshop

Next, my course on lynda.com has taken off like gangbusters – over 1,600 views in over 60 countries. Very cool. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here is a link to the course – Working with Perspective in Adobe Photoshop. If you do not have a lynda.com account, no worries I also have a 7-day FREE trial for you. Click here to redeem. 

Also, I have some speaking engagements booked for different Adobe events in the area, if you are in the Denver, Chicago or Milwaukee area keep watching your AIGA group for event announcements featuring yours truly.

Finally, there is a lot happening on the Adobe front and big announcements will be coming soon about that, but for now I can confirm that I will be at Adobe MAX 2014 with Russell Brown at his RB@MAX event. Keep your eyes posted for another update on this with registration information because this is THE event at Adobe MAX for creatives. Three intensive days of hands-on instruction from a team of industry experts (including myself). I can’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but here is a teaser.  I hope to see you there!

Something big is coming to Adobe MAX 2014...
Something big is coming to Adobe MAX 2014…

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