Colorado and the X-Men

Hi all!

So I have finished with my first week/weekend of interesting travels and have an update for everyone. First up, I was honored to be a presenter for the Colorado AIGA group discussing Adobe Digital Publishing to iPad. While it was a smaller group, there was a lot of great questions and feedback. That evening I had the pleasure of traveling up to beautiful Boulder and spending the evening in the company of author Deke McClelland ( and Colleen Wheeler. I toured their new home by the Flatirons (a geologic rock formation famous in the area) and had a great meal at the local brewpub. It was great to catch up with old friends that I haven’t seen in person for a while.

Cue John Denver – “Rocky Mountain High”
The lovely couple, Deke and Colleen being silly.


Next, I headed from Denver to NYC for a big event – the World Premiere of the new movie X-Men Days of Future Past. For those who were not following along on the FB, my friend Erik won two tickets to the premiere and invited me along for the ride. It was a blast!

We spent our first evening in NYC at the Hard Rock in Times Square enjoying stories of the various restaurants around the world from our bartender Mel. The next day, after a morning of recovery, we went to Top of the Rock with it’s stunning views of NYC – or so I’m told since I have a fear of heights and stood next to the wall for the most part. lol.

That night we arrived at the Jacob Javitz Center for the premiere. We walked past the excited crowd in the fan pit and made our way to the black carpet for the event. On the way there, we ran into Jennifer Lawrence and Peter Dinklage coming up the escalator behind us. On the carpet, we saw Sir Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, along with Ellen Page (Kitty Pride), Emma Roberts, Sean Ashmore (Iceman) and more.

The movie btw was amazing! Go see it in 3D as I found it was not distracting or dizzying like many Marvel 3D offerings.

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