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Upcoming Appearances and Speaking Engagements

Hi All, 

Folks have been asking where I will be popping up next, so I have put together an updated list of dates and locations for this fall including the Adobe Photoshop for Designers Tour. 



15-16 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, Cleveland, OH

  • Hosting Creative Cloud Workshop

20 eMedia Webcast with Rick Zanotti and Kirsten Rourke


1-5 Photoshop World, Las Vegas, NV

  • Hosting Adobe Community Event (9/1) and presenting at the Wacom Booth 

11 Ripon Printers Users Group, New Berlin, WI

  • Photoshop World Recap/Creative Composites with Adobe Photoshop

24-25 Filter Photo Festival,  Chicago, IL

  • Presenting Photoshop and Lightroom Workflows


3-9 Adobe MAX Conference, Los Angeles, CA

  • Presenting at Russell Brown at MAX: Kaiju Project (10/3-5)

11 AIGA Wichita Design Week, Wichita, KS

  • Photoshop for Designers

23 AIGA Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

  • Photoshop for Designers


15 Appalooza LA, Los Angeles, CA


9 Chicago Design Museum Grand Opening, Chicago, IL

  • Photoshop for Designers
  • Creative Cloud for Designers

Now Available: Photoshop World Vegas 2014 Insider’s Guide

As always, I have just finished updating the Vegas 2014 Insider’s Guide for those attending Photoshop World. This is an independent (unofficial) guide to getting around the conference, Las Vegas and tips from a seasoned alumnus.

Feel free to download the PDF by clicking the image below and keep it handy! See you in Las Vegas!

NOTE: There has been an update to the PDF. The After Hours Party location is now at the new Gameworks Las Vegas, offsite from Mandalay Bay. Please be sure to download this new PDF. Thanks!

Insider's Guide PDF