PSW Keynote and Guru Award Winners


Well another Keynote has come and gone and boy was it entertaining. “Dark Shadows” (I think there’s supposed to be a Captain in there somewhere) kicked things off with a Pirate selfie and introduced our host, Scott Kelby.


Then it was a trip to Iceland with Joel Grimes with an inspirational speech about embracing technology and the artistic life, followed with a great video about Lightroom Mobile. 


Finally Adobe Evangelist Julieanne Kost went at a lightning pace to show us everything that has been added to Photoshop Mix, Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop, and even threw in a little InDesign fixed layout ePub to boot!


Next was the Photoshop Hall of Fame Award winners – Russell Williams and Felix Nelson. Felix had a great story of his nomination and discussion with Scott about why he felt unworthy, but ultimately was humbled to be included with his peers. Russell1 Felix2 Felix1

The Dean Collins Memorial Award went to Jim West, who didn’t even realize he was nominated. A really great honest moment. 

Dean Collins

And finally, here are the 2014 Photoshop World West Guru Award Winners: 


Artistic – James Wesley Taylor “Fly Away”      


Commercial – Mike Campau “Lifeproof Galaxy 5S Launch”


Illustration – Brooke Figer “Reflection to Perception”


Photo Montage – Dominik Kokocinski “Apocalypse Berlin”


Photography – Kobi Gulianni “Wild with Elephants”


Restoration – Sheri Harvey “Sweet’s & Gee’s Wedding”


Retouching – Rocky Montez-Carr “Fall Day”


Vincent Versace – Deb Uscilka “Winter Branches”


Guru Best of Show – Patrick LaMontagne “One in Every Family”

2 thoughts on “PSW Keynote and Guru Award Winners

  1. Great to heart that Patrick got best in show, and fantastic that Russell got the Hall of Fame award – very well deserved!!!

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