Sadness and Excitement

Hi all,

Again, sorry for the radio silence as of late but there have been big changes happening in my professional life that took center stage and the blog had to take a backseat until things shook out.

So here is the news..

I am sad to say that today is my last day teaching at C2. It was a very difficult and labored decision, but I had to do what I felt was right for myself and my family and I had decided to move forward as a contract instructor for the summer, leaving me open to pursue other opportunities while still teaching at C2.

However, soon after this decision I was approached by two amazing companies – one being Adobe, which I interviewed with but ultimately declined. The position that I did accept will be starting Monday at a local company (to be announced later). It’s a huge step forward in my career and will still give me the flexibility to stay connected with Adobe and attend conferences like Photoshop World, MAX and others.

I am eternally grateful for the lasting friendships and relationships I have made in the past 9 years with the company. I rest easy knowing C2 will endure without me and life will move on. I will still be involved in the greater Milwaukee creative community – Adobe and InDesign User Groups, AIGA, MATC, WCTC, MIAD, Adworkers, Ad2 and also working with Adobe in various capacities.

I am looking forward and excited to see what challenges await me in my new position and the opportunity to bring my Adobe connections, knowledge and personality to a new group of creatives and build new lasting relationships.

To my C2 family – Shelley, Stan, Jim, Lisa, Meri, JC and Erica, you mean the world to me and look forward to hanging out for Jell-O shots and shenanigans soon.

Cue “Theme from The Incredible Hulk”.

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